Making Plans to Move!

In May of 2000 I first saw a picture of horses running across the steeps of Kazakhstan and my heart leapt for joy. The country was unknown to my mind but my heart already knew the place. When the bus pulled up to the orphanage and I saw all the children who had been standing out in the cold for hours waiting for our arrival, my heart immediately filled with a deep love for these children. In their eyes, I saw a desperate longing to be loved. In their faces I saw the large family I had dreamed of since I was a child. God had answered my prayers for a large family in giving me these children to hold and to love.

This past summer when I returned from my seventh trip to Kazakhstan I began the application process to move to Kazakhstan and work with Interlink Resources full-time. I completed Phase I and the end of November was given permission to move forward into Phase 2 of the process. Excited doesn’t begin to articulate the great joy I have as I enter this next phase which will allow me to be in Kazakhstan working with the children full time.

There is much to do as I prepare for this move with a tentative date of January 2009. That seems like a long way away but in reality, the time between now and then will fly by as my family celebrates Sarah’s graduation from high school, completing training, taking care of all that needs doing prior to moving overseas and raising the support I will need to carry out this work with the children.

I plan on traveling in June to Kazakhstan with my regular team to hold an English camp for the children of Savva Orphanage for 18 days. Then I will return home to finish final preparations.

Anyone interested in hearing more about my adventures can contact me at I’d love to share more pictures and stories from my adventures and also tell you how you might partnership in this adventure.

I’ll be keeping family and friends update on my progress as prepare for this move through regular updates. Thank you for joining me on this adventure.


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