Letters from “my” children in Kazakhstan!

I love when I get a package from Interlink Resources and it has letters from what I refer to as “my” kids in Kazakhstan. My heart always fills with great joy and a deep pain. I miss these children so much, but am thankful for the Interlink team who makes regular visits as they encourage and build relationships.

One is from a sweet boy who was in my 4th grade class last summer named Daniel. He writes: “How are you? How is your health? I want to say that when you had gone I missed you and cried a lot. But I keep a chin up and decided to report you that I will pray for your coming back to Savva. I will keep in touch with you let you know more about myself. I forgot to write you that I have a brother and sister their names are Alyona and Nikita and my mom’s name is Victoria she lives in Taraz. My hobby is to play on a computer and drawing. I hope my mother will get me next summer. Vicki do you rmember how we were saying boodbye to each other I cried so long. Let me finish letter, bye! With love Daniel.”

Daniel told me his mother put him in the orphanage because he was a bad and ugly boy. She didn’t want him, but she kept his sisters. He had not seen her or heard from her for several years but missed her greatly. He spoke of beatings and rejection and my heart broke.

Vladik, one of my boys from that 3rd grade class. 2007

He wrote: “Hi Vikki. I miss you. I love you. You are very good American. When you come I always run to you, because I love you. You are very good sponsor. Do you miss me? When I grwo up I will go to America. Will you come in December? I will wait for you. I will miss you. I love you. Love Vladik”

I’ve never been to Kazakhstan in December, but you can see they want me to visit all the time. I don’t think they understand how far America is and how long it takes to travel there. I long to hold him in my arms.

Gerta a sweet girl in the 2nd grade
She wrote: “Vikka hello. How are you? I study well. I’m at 2 grade. I like to play with dolls and football. My favorite hobby is reading. I like to embroider. I like to walk in the evening when stars are shining. I want to see you Vikki, I want you to come on the holiday. Vikki you are very beautiful. I love you. Don’t forget me. Bye Vikki I love you.
I received several others and each one is just as touching. If you would like to write to one of these children or even sponser one of the children you can do this through Interlink Resources. http://interlinkresources.org/projects/child-sponsorship.php Interlink will translate your letter into either Russian or Kazakh depending on the child then deliver it to them. I can tell you the children treasure each and every letter, reading and re-reading them. They also share them among each other so a few words from you go a long long way with them. You can reach out from the comfort of your own home and touch a child’s life half way around the world.
You can read more about the impact letters and visit from the Interlink team has on these precious children by going to Interlinks blog http://interlinkblog.blogspot.com/ . You can also read about a young woman, Ember, from Lynchburg, Virginia who is doing a year internship with Interlink in addition to the team members who live in-country full time.
Thank each and everyone of you for being part of this great adventure.

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