What/Who is Interlink Resources?

Many have asked me about Interlink Resources and what they do. They have a great web site and blog.

Through these two links you can learn more about the work Interlink does and about the team in Kazakhstan. They offer a great Intern program anywhere from 3 months to 12 months. They have a Child sponsorship program for orphans and much more. On the blog you will get to know the national employees as well as the Americans. You’ll read heart warming and heart breaking stories about the children in the orphanages they are building relationships with.

On Wednesdays, a member of the Interlink team will write a post to introduce themselves in a series called “The People Behind Interlink”. Another series called “What Exactly Does Interlink do?” on Fridays, will introduce a different Interlink program.

I encourage you to check out these to sites. I think you will find them interesting, encouraging, and hopefully motivating.

Thank you for joining me on this next journey in my life.

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