Treated by my Daughter and Son!

There are days I miss “my” babies…. The cuddles, sloppy kisses and early bedtimes! :o)
Then other days I enjoy insightful conversation and getting one of my two to pick something up from the store. (they both can drive now)

Friday – Sarah and I enjoyed a meal out together. I sat across the table and was amazed to watch this beautiful young woman with her excitement for life and wondered how that tiny peanut of a girl grew so quickly into this young woman.

Sarah right after we brought her home. Sarah being Sarah!!!

Sarah with her cousins Christmas 2007
On Sunday Marc treated Sarah and I to the movies. He wanted to spend time with his mother and sister!!!! How that touched my heart. He is almost 20 years old and what a handsome thoughtful young man he is. I enjoyed hearing about his plans, his friends, and his ideas on life.
The first pictures I saw of Marc.
Marc being Marc!
Such a handsome young man.

I am so proud of both my children and what they are doing as they move forward in their lives.
What a blessing to spend time with both my children this weekend and really connect. Not that I don’t talk to them on a daily basis, but to sit back and admire the people they are sometimes gets lost in the details of life.
I have been richly blessed with the honor and privilege of being their Mother…

This next year will bring changes for all of us. I am excited to be moving forward in the next chapter of my life to work with the children in Kazakhstan, to be part of Marc and Sarah’s life in a different way as they emark on adulthood, and look forward to the adventures we all will have.

I am also so thankful for all our good friends and family who have been with us through the years. Through the many good times, laughter and celebrations, as well as the heart aches, tears, and valleys.. We couldn’t of made it without your prayers, support and encouraging words. Thank you.. It also bring great comfort as Marc, Sarah and I are about to have life change in so many ways.
Thank you dear friends and family.

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