Katie, Michael and Sarah Mac

I had fun spending time with two of my nieces and nephew on Saturday. To hear what they are interested in and ideas on life was fun and entertaining. All three are very bright and full of life. Katie loves to read and write, Michael love sports of all kinds especially basketball, and young Sarah Mac loves to dance. Sarah Mac especially had all kinds of questions about the children in Kazakhstan and why I am moving there in light of all that I will be leaving behind. We talked at lenght about having to find a new home for my dog and two cats and the possibilities of taking them with me. Also talked at great lenght about how I would stay in touch with her. She finally decided that it would be okay for me to go and that she would come visit and see these children for herself. I’m not sure what her parent think of this idea!! :o) It was also great to be given permission by an 8 year old.

As I was leaving she begged me to stay saying I was very entertaining. I’m not sure what that says about me!?! After promising her I would come “play” again she agreed to let me leave. To be so young and think you have so much control on the world around you.

I took some photos of these three while I was visiting.

Sarah Mac

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