Sarah enlisted in the NAVY!

Yes! My baby girl enlisted in the Navy this week. As I stood outside this glass room waiting to be allowed in to watch her (along with one other girl and about 15 guys) I started to cry. I remember when I first held her in my arms and how small she was. I remembered how I carried her forever because she didn’t like to walk. (I’m serious she was 10 when I finally said “no more pick-ups!”.) Thinking about how hard Sarah had worked in school. Talking and reading didn’t come easy for her. Now, we joke that I prayed so many times for her to talk years ago and now I pray for her not to talk sometimes.. :o) I stood there looking at this beautiful young woman and remembered back across time and marveled at it all. I am so incredibly proud of her and her decision to join the Navy even if I didn’t like when I was told she is now property of the United States Military.

 At first Sarah was told the job she wanted wasn’t available to her. But then it was in addition Sarah had desired not to leave till September so she could have her summer here. Guess when her boot camp begins? September… Isn’t God so good… She is an Operation Specialist which means she is in communications… just perfect for her…

Of coarse I had my camera and took pictures.

Waiting! (and she wasn’t talking:o)!)
I forget his title, (I guess I’ll learn a lot about military “lingo” soon.) but he was gracious to stop for a moment after he swore them in to do a photo shot.. Only one other mother was there and thankfully she wanted a picture of her son with him, so I wasn’t the only mother embarrassing their child!
May your joy bubble over to all those you meet.


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