Finding Homes for Beloved Pets!

Most of the time I’m so excited that the beginning of next year I will make the move to Kazakhstan. With Sarah heading off into the Navy, Marc enjoying his own life and knowing the Internet keeps us in contact I have a peace in my heart. The only time a real sadness can well up in my heart is when I think about not coming home to my faithful K.C.

For those of you who don’t know K.C. is my beloved 6 years old Rhodesian Ridgeback.

She has been my faithful companion for the past 6 years. K.C. is gentle, still playful, loves to play with other dogs, likes to go places, likes to chase squirrels (sometimes catches them!) and loves to crawl under the covers.

I’m looking for a new home for her with a family that will love her as much as I do and make her part of their family. All dogs but especially Rhodesians need lots of attention and to be part of the family. K.C. loves to be in the middle of opening presents Christmas morning or BBQ’s with friends and family.

I’m looking for a family that is willing to keep in touch with me through email and occasional visit when I’m back in the states. I’d like a family that will get to know K.C. so K.C. will feel comfortable with the move. K.C. is very attached to me, but I believe she will become attached to another family if they give her the time.

I’m asking for your help in getting the word out about my beloved K.C.. If you or someone you know may be interested in K.C. they can contact me either by email or my cell 804.347.3383 to find out additional information.

I also have two wonderful cats that need new families either together or separate.

Kiki age 8 yrs a gray tabby with white feet and white on his chest and Bromley age 9 yrs a calico.

KiKi (2008) Bromley (2008)

Both are very sweet loving cats. They both come when called, sit for treats and are still playful. Kiki can be some what shy with new people in the home, but warms up very quickly. Bromley loves all people including small children, but doesn’t like other animals including the two she currently lives with. Bromley was attached by a neighborhood dog many years ago and almost died. Since that time she growls at any dog or cat and doesn’t like to go outside unless to sit on the front or back porch with one of us. Kiki doesn’t venture out much except in the warmer weather for short walks.

It is sad to part with these beloved members of our family, but I’m confident I’ll find good homes for them all.

Thank you for your assistance with this search. Thank each and everyone of you for your prayers, support and encouragement as I make preparations for this move.

I am enjoying the blessings and joys given just for today at the same time I’m looking forward to this next chapter in my life. I’m honored to be on this journey with so many dear friends.

What a true gift from God each friend is.


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