Sarah’s Graduation Party!

WOW!!! Sarah graduates this Thursday from High School.. I still can’t believe my baby is graduating. This Sunday we had a traditional Charbonneau Family Pot Luck BBQ celebration cookout. I did my famous BBQ chicken, had sodas, cake and everyone brought their favorite dish to share. We had lots of wonderful food and no one left hungry. In the morning the sky was over cast and it looked like it might rain, but at noon the clouds blew away leaving beautiful blue skies.

Marc and his friend Blair kept music going throughout and entertained us after dinner.
In the backyard a blowup water slide was set up and out front was a bean bag toss game.
Some of our friends could only stay for a few minutes and others couldn’t make it at all due to conflicts with other commitments, but sent their blessings.
We were able to celebrate with so many of our dear friends who without their support, encouraging, and prayers we would not have made it. God had blessed me with two beautiful children and with dear dear friends.

Many chapters in our lives are closing which brings some tears.
I remember so clearly their first day of school and now both my babies have finished High School.
I think parents should get some kind of gold star when their children graduate. I know I worked harder getting them through school then I worked when I was in school. :o)
We all enjoyed ourselves. Sarah had so much fun celebrating her accomplishments. After everyone had left and everything was cleaned up, Sarah and I sat on the sofa and read through the journal I had asked everyone to write in. Sarah was so touched by the warm wishes, funny stories, and blessings written by people who have been so important in her life. Thank you everyone.
Then she opened each card and read the sweet encouragement. We reminisced and talked about the special ways each person has impacted our lives. A few tears of joy where shed with a mixture of sentiment, a little sorrow to know that things will be changing, and great excitement because things will be changing and new chapters are beginning for all of us… How exciting and terrifying at the same time..
There were many times over the years I couldn’t imagine the day they would graduate. It seemed so far away.. Now it is here…  God has so richly blessed me with these two children, with dear sweet friends and family, and now with the privilege and opportunity to move to Kazakhstan and pour love into many more children…
Thank you dear friends and family…

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