Pugh Family Reunion 7 June 2008 Phenix, Virginia

Yesterday my Mother and I drove to Phenix, Virginia. If you are wondering where Phenix, Virginia is don’t feel alone. Most people don’t know that there even is a Phenix, Virginia. If you take Rt 360 south and hang a right at Keysville onto Rt 40 west you’ll pass through Charlotte Court House then don’t blink or you will miss Phenix, Virginia. If you still don’t know where I’m talking about you might have heard of Farmville, Virginia and Phenix is south of that. Beautiful country side and friendly people.
My great grandmother was Martha Neva Pugh upon marriage she added Martin to her name. This is a branch of the family that I don’t really know, but it was great to meet so many nice people, have some good food, and learn some interesting family history. The Pugh family is from Wales, owned land and farmed it for many generations, have quite a few interesting people in the “clan”, are warm, kind, fun loving bunch of people.
I don’t often give though to where I “come” from and it was good to take a few hours and honor the accomplishments of my ancestors.
Here are a couple pictures and more are on the link to family albums to the right.
It was good to spend the day with my mother, see my Uncle Pete, who I hadn’t see in awhile and connect with other family members who I previously didn’t know and some I did.
I am thankful to God for the history He has given me.

The next couple weeks I will be working on packing, sorting, selling and giving away all my belongings, because my lease is up at the end of this month. Ugh… lots of work… for some reason I get very attached to some of my “things”… I’m so excited about my moving to Kazakhstan, but sometimes it is a pull when I face what I need to leave behind..

Please keep me in your prayers as I work full time, pack, sort and move… It is funny that I can be so sure and excited and on the same hand have these little struggles over the silliest of things.

The shed I ordered to store the few things I’m going to keep was delivered to my dear friends Richard and Lois on Friday. The have generously agreed to let me put the shed on the back of their property.. Oh, my GOSH!!!!! the instructions are long…. I’m thinking maybe I should of just built the thing out of 2×4’s… Remember me as I put this thing together… which obviously has to be done before I can put anything in it….

OK, so lets break this down… work 60 hours a week… pack, sort, etc, build a shed and move everything before 30 June….

Now, you know how to pray for me these next three weeks…
Thank you for checking in my dear friends… without I would be lost..

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