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On August 1, 2008 I will travel with a team of 6 to a camp outside Taraz, Kazakhstan where the children of Ulan are spending the summer months.  I will be assisting in leading the team as part of my preparations for working full time with Interlink.  The children of Ulan desperately need people to reach out to them letting them know that they are valued.  These are the children I feel in love with that very first year in 2000.  They can be hard to control when doing an activity sometimes, have behavioral problems and the conditions we stay in a as a team are poor even for Kazakh standards.  BUT…  these children need to know love and that they are valuable people…

To be part of this team, I need $2300 (the cost of the plane ticket and visa) by June 23rd and the remaining $1200 by July 20th.  I am seeking people willing to partner with me in outreach to these precious children.   You don’t need to leave the comfort of you own living room to do this.  I’ll be sleeping in a tent, using a hole in the ground for my bathroom, having ice cold showers in a outside building, and eating porridge for breakfast, broth for lunch and dinner, but believe me I love being there….  and you can share in this experience too…. 
When you make a donation towards this trip be sure to write a note that this gift is for the Ulan trip in August.    Other funds will go to my work once I move in Feb 2009 to work and live in Kazakhstan with Interlink Resources.  
Between now and June 30 I will finish sorting, selling/giving and storing all of my belongings.  Thankfully dear friends have donated a corner of their backyard and with their help I have constructed a shed for the things I will save for the future.  Another dear friend has generously offered a place for Sarah and me to live in at a very reduced rent until She heads off for the Navy and I head off to training for 10 weeks in North Carolina…  God has blessed me with great friends…
Please remember Sarah and I as we pack and store our belongings.  Remember the need for the money for the Ulan Trip in August.  My hearts desire is to go and be a blessing to these precious children, but I can only do this with your help….
Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts as we prepare for the next chapters in our lives..

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