The 20th was Marc’s actual 20th Birthday

Friday 20 June was Marc’s actual 20th Birthday.  I was out of town on a job and couldn’t get Internet to work…  On Saturday a dear friend came over to help Sarah and I sort into “keep” (put into storage) “give away” and “trash” piles..  Oh, we have way to much “stuff”.. 

I actually had every piece of paper my kids had ever brought home from school..  Ugh…  I have my first drivers licenses, and every card or letter anyone had ever sent me…  I have 6 sleeping bags, 8 flashlights, 12 coolers, and just way to much stuff!!!  There have always been bunches of kids over so I needed to be prepared for “just in case”…  We’ll all that “just in case” can’t fit in a 10×14 storage shed… Sarah and I had to make really hard decisions on what items were really important to us.   
Am I ever so thankful for dear dear friends who will come and help with the “yucky” jobs in life.  
Tonight (Tuesday 24 June) Edith and Joanne are both coming to help go through more “stuff”..  We have to be packed up, cleaned up and out of here by 30 June..  Oh My!!! 
Please remember us this next week with our “home” being turned upside down, still working, and strength to physically do all the work..
I am thankful to God each and every day for my dear friends who are there to celebrate with us, to cry with us in times of heartache, and to roll up their sleeves and lend a hand during times like this…
Fondest regards to all my dear friends – old and new!!

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