Laying it all down at the Alter

My best laid plans didn’t work..  Should of been my first hint things might not work..  “my” best laid plans.

  Ugh..  The husband of he family I thought was the perfect family for KC called Tuesday night saying KC had kept him up for two nights due to severe thunderstorms that had gone through our area.  It was a deal breaker for him.  They are willing to keep KC until I find a new family and think she is a great dog.

Well, needless to say I was shocked, confused and a bit overwhelmed.  I don’t have a “home” to bring my beloved KC home to.  I worked so hard so KC wouldn’t be bounced around or stressed any more than necessary..  The best laid plans and intentions flew out the window at a time when I’m still feeling out of sorts – itchy!!!  
I wanted to go get my dog and go “home”!!  Then I thought about all the children in Kazakhstan.  I cried.  I have to give up KC and some comfort because the love in my heart for these precious children is so great any sacrifice is worth it.  Not easy but worth it.  And it is hard a moments during the day on this path that will take me to desires in my heart so a keep moving forward holding onto promises.
I know God has a plan. 
So, if anyone knows of a family who like to add a perfectly wonderful Rhodesian Ridgeback to their family please let me know.  
Thank everyone for your encouraging words.  Even though there have been a “few” bumps along this path I’m on and many tears have flowed from my eyes these last couple weeks; there is still a joy and anticipation of excitement that I am on the path that will take me to the children in Kazakhstan. 
 I might not have fully known the ache my heart would feel from the sacrifice of some of the things in my old life, but that ache hasn’t come close to out weighing the love that grows in my heart for the children.  
Thank you for your continued encouragement.

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