Hospital Visit This Morning!

Sweet Sick Sarah home from the hospital and finally resting…
(she’ll probably kill me later for posting this picture of her, but I love to see my babies resting peacefully… )

I woke this morning to the sounds of moaning and whimpering.  When I realized it was Sarah I went in to touch her and she was burning up.   She was crying and saying how her neck hurt and see felt awful.  She said she woke up in the middle of the night not feeling well, but didn’t want to bother anyone, then kept feeling worse

  My dear friend Lois, is a nurse and who I call even at 6 in the morning to ask her opinion.   I wasn’t sure if the situation required a call to the on-call or wait until they opened at 9. 
 Well, long story short I took Sarah to the hospital.  She was so sick the staff took her right back into the exam room and was seen by a doctor within 15 minutes of being at the hospital.  It was amazing and a huge blessing.  They gave her some pain meds for her sore neck, which helped reduce the pain greatly.  
After an exam, lab work and a cat scan they determined she didn’t have meningitis but has strep throat and a urinary track infection.  Ugh.. What a morning.

I finally got a cup of coffee sometime during testing and Sarah was pleased when her Dad arrived to make sure she was all right.  We laughed that Sarah had gone to great extremes to see her Dad..  He informed her a simple call would do in the future..  no more emergencies.  
The ride home from the hospital wasn’t great.  Either from the pain meds, just the motion of the car or the fever caused her to throw up in the pharmacy and in the front yard once we arrived back to where we are staying..    Her temperature is still going up and down, but she is finally resting peacefully.  
I was able to run into my part time job to do pay roll and deposits for the store.  Then I ran by the grocery store before coming home and am trying to relax some too.  
I feel like the last two months have been a whirl wind of activities so it is kind of nice to be home a little early this evening and since Sarah is sick I can’t leave.. I’m hoping I can even get to bed a little early..
Please say an extra prayer for Sarah for a quick recovery.  
Please continue to spread the word about KC my beloved dog who needs a permanent home.  

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