Dogs and a Lizard!

Dillon… Isn’t he regal?  
Sarah and I both head off to training in September.  Until then we are bouncing around a few places.  Learning to be flexible and learn how to live out of a suitcase.  It is a process and we are both thankful for this time to adjust to our “new” way of life that will come in each of our adventures.  Sarah in the Navy and me in Kazakhstan.. 
The Harbert Family have graciously let us stay with them until we leave and we have enjoyed our time with them so much.  Two friends have asked us to house/pet sit for them during this time.  For the next two weeks we are house/pet sitting for friends who are on vacation with their 8 children.  When their neighbors heard we would be watching their four legged family members they asked if we could watch theirs while they too are away.  So we now have the great pleasure of playing with 2 Grey Hounds, 1 Rhodesian Ridgeback, 1 Lab, 1 Lab-a-doodle, and 1 Bearded Dragon..  We are having so much fun..
Sarah and Zeek

Isn’t Sarah “cute”?  
Sarah running with Emma, Sammie and Ruby…
Wallie sleeping on the den sofa.. 
What a great pictures of comfort.  When I arrive home I find all the pillows on the floor.  Now I know why.  The dogs can’t fit with them on the sofas, I guess..
Ruby relaxing!  Now this is the life… A comfy leather sofa to nap on…  
I miss my KC.  Her new “Mom” has reported that KC is settling in very nicely and she is liking KC very much.  How that brings comfort to my heart.  Being able to enjoy Ruby, Wallie, & Dillon also brings joy to my heart.  I’m grateful to the small gifts in my daily life.  
In about 7 weeks I’ll leave for North Carolina for training as I prepare to move to Kazakhstan.  I will continue to work.  I will also be focusing my attention to fund raising.  With the move, animals and Sarah being sick I haven’t focused my attention to the fund raising side of life.  Thankfully support has been coming in.  
If you know of groups of people who would be interested in hearing “my story” and more about what I’ll be doing in Kazakhstan, please contact me either by email – or cell phone 804-347-3383.    It will take a team to support me from home as I serve the people, especially the children of Kazakhstan. 
Thank you for your encouragement and support as I travel this path laid out before me.

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