A Job I love to do!

A mural at Logos bookstore in Richmond, Virginia
A mural at an adult day care center in Richmond, Virginia

I call myself a “Jack (or Jill) of all trades; Master of none”..  I’ve done a wide range of jobs through the years.  

I’ve worked in Veterinarian Hospitals –
 – Waitress and managed restaurants –
 – Processed claims for an insurance company –
 – Assistant Manager of a retail clothing store –
 – Milked cows on a dairy farm –
 – Worked for a live stock dealer hauling cattle to market –
 – Been a switch board operator at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech –
 – Worked in the construction industry – painting and renovating home –
 – Done tile work –
 – Done day care in my home –
And the list can go on…  
I also call myself an artist… I love to create and absolutely love to transform peoples living spaces with paint.  
Last week I had the great joy of starting a mural for a friend of mine on her outside storage shed.    I’m an artist and love to bring life and color to spaces.  Paint can change a space with relatively little cost.  
Teresa, her dog Janie and a friend Kim (who stopped by to see what was going on)
I use to judge my work with a critical eye.  I’m not Michelangelo.. … but, I’ve finally realized I’m not called or created to be him, I’m created uniquely and with my own life to live.. 
 A couple years ago – when I finally stopped comparing myself to everyone else and started living “my” life as the creations HE created before time began; giving my life back to HIM…. –  I found a freedom and a peace I previously hadn’t known.. 
To see the joy that my friend has in seeing her space transformed is a gift…. 
I enjoy bringing life into an area… working with the paint and seeing the surface come alive…
Great or High art it’s not.. but that is okay…  Bringing a smile to some one’s face… a gift and treasure to cherish.. 
I hope I will have the opportunity to paint on some more walls of the orphanages in Kazakhstan.  I’ve painted one mural at the orphanage Savva and that director has said he has seven more walls for me to paint.   My desire is to have the privilege of painting each one and more.   
Me with some of the children of Savva in front of the partially completed mural.
I look forward to finishing this job and am thankful for the opportunity to use a gift given to me.  
I continue to be thankful for dear friends and the big and small joys given for each day..  

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