Their faces help me keep on this path.

Sarah and I have been living without a home now, for a month.  We have gotten into some what of a routine and we call “home” where ever we lay our heads that night.  Many things we each thought we couldn’t live without have ended up in the shed.  We actually could live without many things and have narrowed life down to the essentials.  There are actually a few more things tagged for “the shed”..  as we navigate our new “normal”… and prepare for the next steps of our journey.

Sarah leaves for Navy boot camp 29 September.  She is ready, like I, she is tired of the end between – what was and what is going to be.   But, we are still trying to savor each moments and enjoy the many blessings and joys given each day.  Last week while house/pet sitting we were able to enjoy their lovely hot tub on the back deck over looking the woods.  I made fruit smoothies for us to enjoy while we soaked.  Ahhh… we enjoyed that soooo much…
From now until 9 September in addition to working full time I am focusing my energies on fund raising.  In order for me to go I have to raise all my support to live and work in Kazakhstan.  I cannot do this on my own or in my own strength.  I will need a team of people who desire to build relationships with the Kazakh people and reach out to the children.  
As Americans we tend to think “Lone Ranger” mentality.  Doing everything in our own strength and might – be self sufficient – don’t ask for help….  Yet we are created as companion orientated beings.   I will not be alone in Kazakhstan.  I will have my team members there and “my” team back home.  I am enjoying meeting with individuals and groups telling them about the country I will call home come February.  Kazakhstan with it’s majestic mountains, rich history, and new beginnings has captured my heart.  The children especially.  I look forward to building the relationships that I have started over the years, starting new ones and seeing how they all grow.  
When the bumps of this road have made me stumble, when I’m missing my beloved KC dog, and thinking how I’ll miss my family and friends the faces of the children and the love in my heart for them is one of the things that gives me encouragement to keep moving forward.  I know God has a plan and I look forward to being part of that plan.    Oh, how I love being part of this journey…
Thank you dear friends and family who are cheering me on, partnering with me, sending encouraging words, and introducing me to people who might be interested to join my team.  What a true gift of you are.  
My love to you each..

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