51 days as a Nomad!!

It has been 51 days since Sarah and I closed down our home.  Since then we have stayed with 4 different families and are learning to be flexible.  

There are days we long for “our” familiar space, but we have found many joys and blessings along the way.  – Pools, hot tubs, dogs, lizards, cats, fancy tv’s, home grown tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and figs, but mostly it is getting to know friends better and their generous hospitality.  

This week I’m in Charlottesville, Virginia finishing a job for a sweet couple and their 5 children ages 1 1/2 years to 12 years.  I have the pleasure of having Marc assist me with this job.  We are working 12 hour days, but painting also provides many hours for conversations.
I’m thankful for this time to connect with my son.  Being 20 he is usually off in his adventures of life and even though we talk on the phone and see each other about every week it’s not like when we lived under the same roof.  
I’m a morning person and once Marc reached his teens he became a night person.  I can’t tell you how many nights I would go to tell him good night because I was going to bed only to have him start sharing all kinds of thoughts.  Now, at the end of a long day I’m not at the best and always wanted to say; “can’t we do this in the morning!” but didn’t for I knew if I did he wouldn’t be taking in the morning and I would loose the opportunity.  So I would sit and listen and learn more about who my son was and his thoughts on so many things.  We would connect in a way that didn’t happen doing the busyness of the day.  
I miss those late night conversations.  This week has been a great chance to hear his thoughts on things and reconnect in a way we haven’t done for awhile.  
What a gift.  
Both my children are precious treasures and I can’t imagine life without them and all they have added to my soul.  God richly blessed me when HE gave me Marc and Sarah and I am ever so thankful.
I am also thankful for all my dear friends who are joining me on this journey and speak encouragement along the way..

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