Lost Boots

Oh, Dear Friends:
I cannot find my hiking boots. One of the things on my list I need to take to training is a pair of hiking boots. I love hiking and have been hiking and backpacking since a young teenager. When I was 16 years old I took money I had been saving to Alpine Outfitters and bought a pair of hiking boots. They were mid line in pricing; not the most expensive not the cheapest – and I loved them with their red laces. I have worn those hiking boots for the last 36 YEARS!!! Yes- 36 – !!! the leather has molded to my feet and my foot slides into them like a second skin.
Well, I CAN’T FIND THEM!!!! Help!!! Where could they be??? has been running through my head since Friday and I realized they were not in my crate of shoes.. I’ve been to my shed looking in other crates – but – at last I cannot find them.
That last day in June when I was packing up my personal belongings is when I sorted through my closed and either packed the things or put in a pile for donation to the local thrift shop. I was beyond tired, stress, and a lot overwhelmed, but I cannot imagine in a million years giving away my hiking boots. I have my work and dress cowboy boots which I’ve had for 28 years, snow boots I’ve had for 20 years, and shoes I wear when painting that I’ve had for 10 years. I buy shoes that are comfortable, of quality and then keep wearing them.
What could I have done with my hiking boots?????
One day I suppose I will laugh about loosing my hiking boots, but not today… To replace them will cost over a hundred dollars – ugh… I leave for training a week from Tuesday… Ugh.. that was not in the budget…. :o(

This isn’t the first item I couldn’t find immediately, but so far the only thing I actually can’t find once I’ve dug through the shed.. I guess if that is the only thing I can’t find I’m doing well, but oh how I loved those hiking boots.. What will I do????

Yes, you may laugh at my struggles over a pair of hiking boots.. There has to be humor some place in this… I had no idea I was so attached to material processions until I had to give away everything that didn’t fit into an 11 x 14 storage shed… and yet that is more than many people around the world will have in a life time. I have many different shoes and so many don’t have even one pair.. And here I’m complaining about one pair of hiking boots.. so sad.. how pitiful can I be, except I’m still missing them..

The adventure will continue with or without them and I’ll be fine..
But for the moment – Missing one ratty pair of boots.
Out of all the thousands of pictures I have I don’t even have a picture of my favorite boots.. How sad…. They will live on in my memory.. :o)

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