I Arrived Safely in North Carolina!!!

I didn’t sleep well due to all my excitement, anticipation and slight nervousness as to what lay ahead. Dear Edith drove all the way over to see me off. Sarah got up and Doug and Cathy came out to send me off with their blessings, hugs and good wishes.

Edith, Cathy and Me

Sarah, Cathy, Edith and Cathy’s dogs

Doug & Cathy Sarah & Me (this has been our family for most of the time this summer and where Sarah will stay till next Wednesday when she’ll head out to her Dad’s for a visit)

This sweet baby girl use to fit in my arms. Not any more!!!!

I arrived safely after driving through pouring rain the last 30 minutes. I am in a “holler” as they would say in West Virginia. Winding roads with the land rising sharply up on both sides with the heavens opened wide dumping water so fast it puddled in the road. A road on an incline I might add. Right before I made the final turn down a small road the rain let up so I could see the final turn then slowed to a drizzle as I pull in to their parking lot. I was able to unload my car before the heavens opened up again. By supper time the skies had cleared.

My accommodations are great. I am sharing an apartment like space with Elizabeth from Tennessee. We have a living eating area, a bedroom each, a bath and kitchen to share. A lot more than I was expecting. The view all around is beautiful and I’ll post pictures soon. Elizabeth and I made it to the only Wal-Mart in the area. I received the strangest looks followed by “you’re not from around here?” when I asked for directions. I thought it seemed pretty obvious when I was asking for directions. Then I had to get them to clarify what they were saying. “Turn right on the 4 way.” Is that a 4 way stop sign?? No, it is a 4 lane road… Oh.. said the lost me… Elizabeth and I made it 15 minutes away from our new home and back in one piece with our groceries. We’ve made our beds, put our groceries and clothes away AND figured out how to get the internet working.. I’d say a good day all in all.

Thank everyone for their thoughts today for my safe travel and for the encouraging words.
I am missing being near the ones I love, but excited to be in the middle of this adventure..

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