The Fun has begun!

Wednesday was a day of getting to know those who are here to study too. We had classes in the morning, lunch, met with our advisor, and before the rain started played some volleyball.

All was going well then my roommate’s knee cap popped out and she fell. She actually had hurt her knee Tuesday while loading her belongings into her car in Tennessee. She thought at first it was okay, but then her knee began to swell and she had trouble getting back to our apartment. I p

repared a bag of ice for her and tried to find the staff who were in a staff meeting. We are all starting to know each other so I wasn’t sure who else to go to. I decided to try Joe & Mary who are across the court from us and are about my age. Well, as “luck” would have it Mary is a Physical Therapist… How cool.. Just what I needed. Plus it gave me a buddy… It was decided to run Elizabeth up to the local hospital for x-rays. My station wagon worked perfect for hauling someone with a hurt knee and armed with a small map we headed out for our newest adventure..
Driving in the rain on winding mountain roads is an adventure in itself and the major roads have practically the same name. (74 business, 74 bypass, 74 alternate and 74 and there several 221 and everything is off these two roads, but which one by which big ol’e tree!!! Rutherford Hospital is much bigger than any of us expected and Elizabeth was seen not long after we arrived. The staff was very friendly and efficient.

Now, Mary and I both being Mothers (hers 20 & 21 yrs – mine 18 & 20 yrs) we both jumped into the roll of being Elizabeth’s surrogate mothers. The nurse even let us go back to the room with Elizabeth. I’m not sure they didn’t think there was a little to much laughter going on. Melinda, our nurse finally started asking questions since it was obvious from our accents we weren’t from around here. Elizabeth’s accent probably would of pass, but neither Mary or I have “southern” drawls. When it came time to leave Melinda asked where we were from. Her face was priceless when we said – Virginia, Tennessee and Florida – to which she replied “Did ya’ll meet in the parking lot?”
Elizabeth has a bruised knee and they gave her some crutches, told her to ice it for 48 hours and if it didn’t get better contact her physician or an orthopedist. We think she’ll be fine in a couple days. Her parents and her heart are both relieved that they didn’t find anything else more serious. It was a great time to get to know to very amazing women as we could share some of our “stories” as we waited in the hospital.

I’ve been in North Carolina all of two days, but I’ve been to the Wal-Mart!!! and the Hospital!! and now know where all the major things are here. Mary and I felt like we are expects on how to get places now…
Mary’s husband, Joe saved us food so when we arrived back at 9 o’clock we could have some dinner after our big adventure.
Here are some pictures of volleyball and some of the kids that are here with their parents.

Thank you each for your encouragement and support. Without that I wouldn’t be here.
I am missing my friends and family, but am enjoying making new friends and have found a kitty cat to love on too!

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