On The Road Again!

Marc & Sarah Aug 2008

My “babies” all grown up!!
How did I get to be the short one in the family? I carried the two of the together for so long. Marc in the backpack and Sarah in the front pouch. How time flies.

Good Morning Dear Friends and Family:
I’m up and trying to gather up what I think I might need for the weekend, throwing it in the car, and preparing to head north. There is some shortage of gasoline here in western North Carolina, but I have a full tank of gas so should be fine. I’ve checked and the Richmond area seems to have plenty of gas.
I stayed up later than usual talking with one of the staff and even though I’m very excited to be seeing my sweet baby girl I’m a little sad to be leaving here. I have tons of homework but it is the friendships that are building and the information that I am learning that is touching my heart that makes me not want to leave. I’ll be missing out on some of the activities and fellowship. I never imagined I would feel so close to a group of people or that what I was learning would excite me so.

Tomorrow there is a family gathering at my middle sister’s house. My youngest sister is coming in from Missouri. I am so looking forward to seeing everyone. My heart is also beginning to ache for my daughter. Oh, how I’ve missed my kids while here. Marc has been out on his own since last May so I’ve gotten use to phone calls, emails and less physically seeing/being with him. When I’ve made previous trips to Kazakhstan I’ve been gone for two to three weeks, but knew I then would be back. This time I know when I leave Sunday to come back here it will be my last time with my daughter for a long while. Oh, how I will miss her.

My Mother, my sisters, their families & Marc, Sarah and I Christmas 07
I’m excited and extremely proud of her and her decision to serve her country, but she is my baby.. It is official my children have grown up and headed out to define their lives. I’ve been known and seen myself as Marc & Sarah’s Mom for 20 years.. How do I define myself now. I’m still their Mom, but my role is shifting.. I know I am held tightly and there is a future full of joys and adventures so today as I prepare for the shifting I remember my sweet “babies” and look forward to seeing how they grow in their lives..

I will keep close to my heart these precious memories, treasure the gifts that they have truly been in my life.  Enjoy this weekend with family and friends.
May you each enjoy the many blessings and joys given just for today, and May your joy overflow to all those you meet.

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