Looking Forward to a Quiet Weekend!

New Friendships!

Youngest Member of our Class!

Turning in Papers!

The “Gang”

Thursday we finished the first section of training. It is actually bittersweet. I’m more than ready to be done with “HOMEWORK & PAPERS” for the moment – more to come next week :o) – and at the same time sad because I really enjoyed learning all that the staff is presenting. It is also sad because two families and one single young man left. The amount of time and classes taken by each is different, so people leave and new ones come after each section. I am about half way through with my time here and know I will shed some tears when it is my time to bid farewell.

After class Thursday Chris & Paige had planned a community wide activity of fellowship and games. What a great time of to celebrate our accomplishments and new friendships. One family left out this morning at 5 AM to head north to New Hampshire. They are breaking it up into 3 days making stops along the way to visit family, which will help the kids not be quite so restless – hopefully. They have six precious children that I have grown quite fond of. Their youngest, Claire age 6 years, asked me after I had placed her in her car seat; “Are you going to miss me Miss Vicki?”. I thought I would cry then for sure. I told her that “YES! I most definitely would miss her and her entire family, but now, we are friends for life over time and miles”, so I will look forward to seeing her again. The kids said I became part of their family which touched my heart. This was said with laughter because I seemed to always know what timer dinner was and would show up or just hang out until dinner. I really didn’t plan it, but it did work out that I would “conveniently” be there for many dinners. I liked being in the mist of the chaos of the family. And really what is “1” more when you have 6 kids around the table. Just kidding Phil & Jen!! Phil and Jen are such great parents and their love for each other shines through everything they do. What a great gift to make new treasured friends.

Sweet Claire, Jen & Anna

Making new friends is one of those wonderful side benefits to being here and I am truly thankful. I’m also thankful for time to just be. I miss my children so much, but am enjoying not having so many of the responsibilities that I have carried over the years raising children. I’ve had exchange students in my home the last couple of years and always loved the chaos and wondered how I would live without it. I’m finding that I am desiring time to just be me with none of the other responsibilities except what I need to do. Part of me is struggling with feeling selfish, but the other parts are savoring this sweet time to reconnect with myself.

Today I am heading into Hendersonville to buy some paints. An image has been given to my soul and I need to capture it on canvas. I feel like a little kid anticipating something special. Once I return from purchasing a few paints, I’m planning on painting the rest of the day. I wish I had brought all my paints and my easel. Oh, well.

From an email I received this quote: “Friends are a very rare jewel, indeed.   They make you smile and encourage you to succeed. Cherish the time you have, and the memories you share.   Being friends with 
someone is not an opportunity but a sweet responsibility.” Anonymous

I’m counting the many rare jewels I have in the sweet friendships that I’ve accumulated over the years in addition the new ones being formed during this season and realizing how incredibly blessed I am. I’m also realizing the rare jewel of being friends with oneself, not in a selfish self centered way, but learning to treasure those unique qualities that were created in me and just enjoy being.

May you each enjoy today, count the many friendships that have been given you along your journey and treasure the unique creation you are.

Thank you for the many gifts of friendship you have given me.

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