I Received a Call from my Baby Girl!!!

Just a quick – SHOUT of JOY!!! Yesterday I finally got a call from Sarah… She sounded great. She only had a few minutes and needed to give me information about graduation on November 21st. When I would try and ask a question her response was “Mom, I don’t have time for your questions I have to give you some important information!” then she’d be off running with what she needed to share. Oh, how my heart filled with such joy and happiness to hear her sweet voice. She spoke about new friends, being injured and on light duty for three days, passing academic test, how hard her RDC is, and how she loved me and miss me, her brother, father, step-mother, friends and family. Then she had to go… She request letters from everyone and pictures.
I thought the first call she might be crying and sharing how hard things were, but that isn’t what I got. She was upbeat, positive, and happy even when speaking about the hard things. She sounded so grown up.

Well, that is all for now dear friends. I am over my head with this language learning.. ugh.. But did want to share this great joy with you.
Thank you each for your encouragement. If you need Sarah’s address let me know.

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