A Good Day!

I am painting a mural in the Administration Building here in North Carolina. Since our school trains people to go and live in other countries it makes sense that the mural have people from all around the world. It is a fun project. I’m using many of the photos I’ve taken and gathering some from friends. I have new friends who’s daughters are of Vietnamese ancestry. I had the great honor and privilege to take their pictures today so I can add them to the wall.

At one point during the day I had 5 children watching and asking questions as I painted. What a great joy to be able to paint with such an enthusiastic audience.

A secret dream of mine is to travel the world and paint murals in orphanages and hospitals.. I believe beauty touches the soul in ways that language cannot articulate… I’m not a master painter or anything, but I love to see people’s environment’s be transformed by color and paint.

When I arrived home I was greeted by 3 boys and a dog expressing their great joy in my arriving home. Now, it actually has absolutely nothing to do with me, but the “treats” I keep in the cupboards for them all.


Lady, a neighbors dog growled and didn’t great me warmly when I first moved in. She has transformed into a tail wagging, happy dog who waits eagerly for me to arrive home. The three boys live next door in the dorm and keep my grocery list current with the appropriate treats. It is very heart warming to pull up to a fan club waiting anxiously for your arrival. Never mind they all just want treats. It still warms the soul..

The knowledge of the gift of friendship I’ve been given gives me courage and touches my heart. Thank you each for joining me as I travel down this road on the journey of my life…

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