Bidding Farewell to North Carolina

With mixed emotions I drove away from Union Mills, North Carolina yesterday. I had settled in and it felt like home. I had a corner of the world to relax in, good friends and a community to be part of.. Yet, I missed my son and dear friends back in Richmond so much…

Jon & Bonnie and their 5 kids were my next door neighbors and they came over to send me off and generously help with last minute details. The girls took my garbage for me and Bonnie finished cleaning for me. Thank you so much guys. The good thing about good friends is miles or time doesn’t decrease the friendship, but sweetens it like fine wine. Many great friendships developed during my time in North Carolina that I will treasure for may years. I will also treasure the sweet memories made there in addition to all I learned.
Here are a few pictures Bonnie took as I finally headed out.

I’m staying with friends in Richmond and doing some work for them before heading out to see Sarah graduate from Navy boot camp. I’m thankful for good friends who open their hearts and homes to me. Thank you Bill and Susan. I have been richly blessed since June with great friends who let me into their lives, who have made me feel part of their family helping me through this time of transitions as I prepare to move to Kazakhstan.
Before I know it will be time to board the plane, leaving one home, in exchange for another. I am so looking forward to learning the language, learning more about the culture that has captured my heart and settling in. The children are especially dear to me and I look forward with great anticipation seeing what I will learn from them. Their great patience and kindness to me always moves my heart sometimes bringing tear to my eyes. My heart burst with great love for them and am anxious to continue to build relationships with them.

The treasured friendship I’ve made up till this point give me encouragement to face the many “farewells” I have to make in order to reach the destination calling to me. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. You, my dear friends, are one of the things that gives me strength to continue forward.. Thank you for the your friendship.

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