Sarah Graduated from Navy Boot Camp!

I’m back from the windy city of Chicago. When they say windy they mean windy. I thought I’d freeze to death while there. I don’t know how Sarah has survived except she is tough. It was so good to see, hold and talk to my daughter. The ceremony was quite impressive, but nothing compares to just being with my girl. Her Dad, step-Mom Cindy, brother Marc and I were her four guest and we had a great time visiting with her Friday. So much healing and grace has been poured out onto our family and it was so good to have this sweet time together. Thursday evening Kit, Cindy, Marc and I had a fabulous steak dinner together then they picked me up Friday morning at 6:45 so we could go to the base for the ceremony. There was lots of pomp and circumstance, but very touching all around.

Sarah has matured into a young woman and I am so proud of her for making in through something so difficult. It was amazing she didn’t whine and complain like I might of as she shared stories of her time there. She actually cried when we left base as emotions over came her. It was the first time she’d left base since arriving the 29th of Sept.

After graduation and stopping to get a bite to eat we headed to the Navy Pier in downtown Chicago. Walking around the outside of the pier would be a fun activity in the summer, but not in November. The icy cold wind tore right through us. We quickly moved to the inside of the central building and window shopped. Near the food court they had a stage with several performers doing acts. Cindy and Marc were called up onto the stage to help with some magic acts. We got a kick out of seeing them on stage especially Marc. Sarah laughed and laughed. It was such sweet music to my ears.

Saturday, Sarah and I got to spend the entire day together. We just enjoyed being with each other. Doing nothing all that exciting, but treasured the time together. I loved hearing all her stories and thoughts. A time I will always treasure in my memories. I am so proud of my daughter. I’m proud of both my children. They are incredible, talented, caring young adults. It is my great honor and privilege to be part of their lives.

Thank you my dear friend for joining me on this journey. Thank you for celebrating with me during this time of great joy. To have friends who will shout for joy and shed tears with me as life is lived is one of the greatest treasures in my life. This week that we each think more of what we are thankful for I am especially thankful for my dear dear friends.
Thank you dear friends.

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