A Week Not As I Planned

Well, Dear Friends:
This past week definitely did not go as planned. Monday evening I had the chance to go to a gathering of people who have an interest in orphan care, either fostering children, adopting domestically or internationally, or sponsering entire orphanages or individual orphans. The Olive Tree Alliance is for anyone in the Richmond or surrounding areas who have a heart for caring for children. There are families who have adopted older foster care children, older special needs children from America and from around the world, people who have adopted domestically infants and international infants and toddlers. Some who haven’t adopted but desire to care for orphans. It was a great time to reconnect with old friends after being away and meet new ones.

Abby, Emmie, Sari, Austin, Brianna

On Tuesday evening I had the great joy of visiting dear friends and catching up with what had been going on in each of our lives. Matt and Kathryn have been good friends for the past 7 or so years. When Marc, Sarah and I first met them they only had two children, now they have 5 little rug rats running around. Two of them have arrived into their home through the wonderful gift of adoption through the county social service foster care program. Matt and Kathryn have a amazing gift with kids. I had a great time visiting and listening to Sari, Emmie, Abby, and Brianna tell me about what they were enjoying in life. Little Austin is a cuddly smiley little boy who doctors said may never walk but they should see that little guy go. Having 4 sisters to keep up with has been a motivating factor on top of two parents who will stand beside him encouraging him to grow and mature into all that he is capable of. What a true gift.

Kathryn & Abby

Kathryn, Abby, Emmie, Sari, Austin, Brianna, Matt

Brianna, Matt, Austin, Emmie, Vicki, Abby

Sari, Austin, Vicki

So, you can see the first part of my week was going good. Wednesday was fairly uneventful as I started a new job for friends rebuilding a storage shed. Wednesday we were able demo the rotten parts and clean it down to the shell and buy materials. Thursday we were making fairly good progress except we needed another tall ladder. My friend who I was working with left to go barrow a ladder while I stayed and started framing the north wall. I had laid the pieces in the driveway as I cut the 2x4s to length. We had decided to use screws to attach the 2×4 so I was on my knees using my drill when all of a sudden something crashed into my back. As I was falling forward onto my hands my mind couldn’t grasp what in the world had just hit me. Then it dawned on me that the owner was back and was backing his big truck directly into me. Now, I’m telling you the thought of being run over by a large pick-up truck certainly motivates you to move fast. At my age I don’t bounce so well anymore and probably don’t handle a truck rolling over me so well either.

The whole think got all of our adrenaline pumping. His wife came out of the house to see what all the screaming about was and he jumped out of the truck. I was trying not to cry since I am a grown woman crying isn’t one of those things I wanted to do right there. I didn’t want anyone to feel bad and quite honestly wasn’t sure what hurt the most. Everything seemed to be functioning okay so I figured just getting back to work was the best thing. I had to un-do some of the wall since the truck had splintered the wood. Made me quite thankful the truck tires hadn’t run over me because I probably wouldn’t have been as fortunate as I was.

By Friday the soreness and stiffness had settled in so much I could barely walk. The couple I was working for insisted that I go to Patient First on Friday when I showed up. The doctor confirmed I had no broken bones and my kidneys were fine. The bruising would heal and he gave me medications to relax the muscles spasms and also for the inflammation and pain. He told me to go home and lay flat for 36 hours. UGH!!! Not my favorite thing to do. I have a list a mile long of things I need to be doing on top of needing to work since I was in training the last three months and not working and it’s Christmas.

I have a couple dear friends who I’ve let into all areas of my life. They are there to speak truth into my life, for me to bounce ideas off of, and generally be there for me even when they have to push me a little to do what is going to ultimately be good for me. Edith, Lois and Chip threatened to come beat me if I didn’t follow the doctors order. Edith wanted to know when I got my degree when I was wanting to do things a little different than the doctor said. UGH.. Sometimes good friends are irritating. But I am ever so thankful for them. I know there are each a true gift and I am so thankful for them even if they rub me the wrong way somedays. I know they do and say things because they care for me and for that I am truly thankful.

I’m stay with Susan & Bill and their two boys (their daughter is away at college)and they all have been so kind as I’ve laid around not able to do much. Susan has said on more than one occasion “Okay, I’ve done my “motherly” thing!” She and Bill have fixed food and waited on me and even though I don’t like being on the receiving side of things their kindness has touched my heart.

Today, I’m actually feeling a little more like my normal self. A friend who already lives in Kazakhstan thinks this will make a great story to share for many years to come. I’m so glad I was able to give Sara something to laugh about. I guess it is kind of funny but I don’t think I’ll try it again.

I hope your lives have gone a little smoother. Thank you for joining me on this journey to Kazakhstan.

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