A season to remember the gift of friends!

Edwin and his sweet, funny, smarter than the average person, lovely wife Judy

I received a sweet email from a dear friend the 21st of November. Between Sarah’s graduation, Thanksgiving, and getting hit by a truck I haven’t gotten to this post that has been in my heart since then. Judy and I meet when I started working at the Vet School at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg Virginia way back in 1986 or so. She is one of the smartest, funniest people I’ve ever known. The summer of 1989 I was heading to Montana with my Uncle Pete his three boys, Peter, Ian & Ben, my Uncle’s best friend Jimmy, my son Marc, who was 13 months old to a family reunion. Judy had always dreamed of going out west and desperately wanted to go, so I invited her and she accepted. Her husband Edwin gave us all his blessing and west we headed. It was a fabulous trip. Memories that I treasure and will carry for my life time. We traveled though breath taking landscape, saw a part of this country that I had previously never seen, had great fun with family and friends, all in all an adventure of a life time. Judy is a person I greatly admire, wishing her spark and wit would rub off onto me. Edwin, give Judy a great big hug from me.

Uncle Pete with Ben on his shoulders, Me with Marc, Judy, Peter and Ian in front. Picture taken by Jimmy

Judy, Marc, Me, Uncle Pete, Ben, Ian, Peter. Again the picture taken by Jimmy

Here is an exert from her sweet email that touched my heart and encouraged me so much. “I’ve really enjoyed all your pictures that you’ve got out there. I know you’re proud of Marc and Sarah – and you should be 🙂 I always knew you were someone special….I admire all that you’re doing and I know hasn’t been easy. And such a writer…. I enjoy reading your thoughts and feelings the way you put them down in words. I feel lucky to know you 🙂 Please keep in touch and let me know how things are going”.

Do any of us know how we touch the people who pass through our lives. Even the people we meet through out our day. The person checking us out at the grocery store, the bank teller, the person we pay after getting our gasoline for our car. The ripple effect that we have in each others lives with ever step we take and word we speak. Does my ripple leave a trail of despair or does love reflect though me in my smile, my eyes, my words. I desire to speak encouragement and kind words that maybe will be a soothing balm on a hurting soul. When my kids would fuss and fume at home, I would say “there is enough heartache and struggles in the world, when we walk into that door this should be a place where we are encourage and our souls soothed.” I hope the trail that follows in the wake of my passing has a sweet aroma of love and gentleness.

This is the time of year when commercials and stores are trying to tell us all the things that will make us happy.. Where are all your Christmas presents from last year? Are they filling your life with joy or collecting dust on the shelf some place. As I think about what I hold near and dear – the things, material possessions in my life don’t make the list. The things that I truly treasure, hold dear to my heart, long for – are my dear dear friends, those folks who have touched my heart in special ways soothing the aches the world can bring, who have celebrate my joys and cried with me when the world seemed to be crashing all around, those people who know the quirks that drive people crazy and still love me, those who can boldly speak truth even when I might not want to hear it, those who laugh with me and whom I can sit with in silence..

Sometimes people come into our lives for a short season, while others stretch across time and miles. I have been richly blessed with both and this Christmas Season am ever so grateful for the gift of friendship each has given me. I am rich indeed.

Merry Christmas to each and everyone who stop by and reads my rambling thoughts as I travel this path to Kazakhstan. May you each be blessed with good friends who encourage you along your journey.


Thank you Judy for your friendship way back then that carries through to today.. You are an amazing incredible woman. I will never forget the time our path had us working and traveling together. Thank you for reaching out.

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