Saying Good-Bye to my little girl!

I took Sarah to the airport this morning and told her how proud I was of her, how much I loved her as she expressed her sadness over leaving. It’s funny now that it was time to go back she realized that we don’t know when the next time we will hold each other in our arms, when we will be under the same roof and wished she had more time “home”.

This is such a normal part of life. Children grow up and things change. Chapters close and chapters begin. Knowing that this is normal doesn’t stop the sadness that wraps my heart. It is hard sometimes to sit with the sadness and know that it will be okay, that it won’t consume your being and color all of the day. So many things can bring sadness and I for one try to tuck it safely away as appose to sit and let the feeling penetrate my being for awhile. Will the tears stop or flood a river to the sea or will they help heal the growing pains of life?

When I think about my son and daughter and how they have made me want to be a better person, how they brought joy, fun, lots of gray hair and oh, so much love into my life. How my heart burst from the love they filled me with. How thankful I am for the privilege and great honor of being their mother.

So, the sadness I’m feeling today is a small price for the great love I have known. It is a small price for a life so full of love. And at this cross roads of life – of chapters closings and new beginning I am excited, hopeful, and sad all at the same time and it is okay.

See you later my sweet baby girl…. xxoxxoo my love will be with you across miles and time…

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