Ember stops by and shares about her year in Kazakhstan!

Wednesday, Ember, who has just returned from a year long Internship in Kazakhstan stop by on her way to from her parents to her home. It was so good to have her here for a couple days. I’m cat/house sitting for friends and they graciously let me host Ember in their home with me.

It was great to hear all about her adventures last year, hear what was the best, what wasn’t as good. She tried to convince me the cold wasn’t all that bad to live in, but I can tell you I’m still not totally convince and plan on bringing several pair of good long john. I loved hearing all the wondrous details of life in a foreign land, in a place I will soon call home.

Marci who had gone on a recent short term trip to Kazakhstan had brought back a truck full of Ember’s things. Thursday evening we had the pleasure and joy to spend time with Tom, Marci and their silly dog Maggie. It was a sweet time with friends.

Earlier that evening I had the great privilege to take a family picture of one of my favorite families. Lois and Richard have been dear friends for so long. Their friendship is a precious gift, a great treasure and I will miss seeing the in person once I board the plan. I am ever so thankful for the internet.

Ember headed out Friday afternoon and has made it home. What a treat to have the time to reconnect and hear about her wondrous year in Kazakhstan..

On Friday evening I spent a glorious evening with Liam, Mariss, Miranda and Jason. Liam and Mariss are such loving, funny, sweet children. Liam showed me all his new Christmas toys. What a treat to see life again through the eyes of a 4 year old. Miranda is a talented, gifted artist and is oh so ever gifted with graphic images. I have Photoshop on my Mac but am still on that steep learning curve. Miranda helped me get my business card finally done. YEAH!!! Everyone probably wondered if I had done that. It will go off to the printers on Monday.. YEAH!!

The picture I used.
Thank you everyone for your help in picking the picture.

Again I’m thankful for the friends in my life. My support raising is coming along so well for which I am also thankful. I only need about $2000.00 more in one time expenses and $600 more in monthly support. That is less than 20 people giving $35 a month. Isn’t that absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to be in Kazakhstan and work among the Kazakh people. I’ll be working in the Youth Department and you can read more of what they do by going to Interlink’s Blog.

Thank you each for joining me in the great adventure. Thank you for your encouraging words, your homes to stay in, your support, and your precious friendships.

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