A visit with Dianne and a trip to Indiana!

Last Thursday I had the chance to visit with both Chip and Dianne and what a delight that was. These two women are so willing to share their wealth of knowledge and wisdom with other women enriching so many lives. Thank you Chip and Dianne.

I flew home Thursday out of the Charlotte airport and arrived back in Richmond around dinner time and my friend Edith picked me up. She drove me out to pick up a car I’m borrowing from Marc and Sarah’s father. Thank you Kit and Cindy for your generous kindness of lending me the car till I leave. What a gift to have people who are there along this journey to lend a helping hand. Friday morning I woke up and left out of Bill and Susan’s (Thanks guys for letting me stay in your basement) around 5:15 to head to Richmond International Airport to fly to Indiana. I’m not sure when I got to be such a jet setter, but it seems so distant from my regular life but fun.

In Indian I had the great joy of spending time with many dear friends. Sharyll picked me up at the airport and Fred her husband fixed a fabulous chili dinner for us all. The last time I had the pleasure of staying with Fred and Sharyll was several years ago. I remember how Fred was so excited because he had a box seat on the 50 yard line for a Colt’s game. He was going on and on about this special treat. All of a sudden he looked at me and said; “You have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about do you?” I had to confess I didn’t but was excited for him. He looked at me in total disbelief and walked away muttering how anyone could not know who the Colt’s were. This time Fred didn’t talk about sports, but we had a very enjoyable visit none the less. Thank you Fred and Sharyll, Matt and Becca for letting me stay in your home.

While in Indiana I had a whirl wind of visiting and catching up with friends. Below are a couple of pictures. I also had time to take a family picture of David and Theresa and family. They are such a delightful family. Saturday afternoon I had a chance to hang out with the girls Saturday afternoon and it was fun to catch up with them. Saturday evening David and Theresa hosted a dinner at their house and it was fun to catch up with so many friends. Thank you David and Theresa for a wonderful time.

I heading out today once I finish a job this morning back to North Carolina to do a faux finish for George and Cathy. I’m excited to be able to see friends and brighten another space. I’ll return next week then head out Thursday for Texas. I’m excited to head to Texas. I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting the Big state of Texas, but have many friends who tell me how great this state is. I also have a date of when I’ll be leaving for Kazakhstan finally. I’m looking at tickets for the first week of May. This is very exciting and such a good time to head to Kazakhstan.

I am so thankful for all the my friends who make this all possible. Thank you are such small words to convey so much. May each of you have a blessed rest of the week and remember to tell those people in your life who add so much just how much you appreciate them.

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