Who will help Saulet?

I want to introduce Saulet to you. In this picture he is sitting with his little sister and Mother in their humble home. He is a shy young man and very self conscious of his burns. Saulet dreams of going to university and he loves sports. He endured a great deal of teasing and taunting while in high school but continued his classes because of his dream to go to university.

As I sat and listened to Saulet’s Mama and Papa share their worries and concerns for their son and their attempts to find a doctor who would help, as well as their distress over being unable financially to get their son the help he desperately needs, my heart broke. I am fortunate to have been born in the United States with access to the finest medical care even though I was a single mom on the lower end of the income scale.

This family has traveled to Almaty and Astana seeking help. Saulet has endured many surgeries and is in need of more to give him the possibility of providing a life for himself as an adult. Saulet has grown quite a bit since the last surgery. The burned skin isn’t flexible and he is having more and more difficulties with his knees, neck and mouth as a result of those burnt areas.

My mother’s heart understood how much a mother is willing to sacrifice for her son. I could hear the desire in this Mama and Papa’s voices for their son to receive help so he can reach for his dreams. This family may be poor in finances but their love for each other was evident. I was honored to sit in their humble home and listen to them pour out their hearts for their son. As I listened, I thought about all my dear friends at home and wondered if we all worked together what could be done for this family. Saulet has bravely endured so much. He is an inspiration to me.

Saulet’s parents came to Interlink seeking help. Interlink does a lot of humanitarian aid but we are not a medical organization and do not have a network of doctors in the States. Saulet’s parents have given permission for him to come to the United States if we can find a doctor and hospital who will help. I am reaching out to you, dear friends, asking you to open your hearts to help us secure this dream for this family.

I’m looking for a doctor who would take this case and a hospital that would provide for the surgery. I’m also looking for someone to help Saulet with transportation to the States round trip from Kazakhstan, as well as housing while in America and the oversight of his needs while on that side of the ocean. I know this is a huge request. To be honest, however, I don’t know how I could not ask. I know there is much need everywhere in this world. Why does this one young man mean so much? I cannot fully answer that question. I know it is totally out of my hands as to this family’s dream becoming reality, but I have to do what I can. I have to speak about it to every person I know, praying that hearts will open and respond.

Thank you, dear friends, for taking the time to read Saulet’s story. Thank you for considering how you might help. If you have additional questions or if you know someone who might help, contact me at vcharbonneau@interlinkresources.org. I am believing in a miracle for Saulet. Yes, I still believe in miracles! Join me in being part of this one.


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