Help us reach our goal of $50k to support the most vulnerable children and mothers in Kazakhstan


Here Are The Facts

Did you know that in Kazakhstan…

less that 10% of those leaving the orphanage in Kazakhstan will ever build a life for themselves, and a third of them will be dead within 5 years of leaving the orphanage, many at their own hand.

Suicide is one of the leading causes of death of those between the age of 5 – 24.

1 in 4 women experienced abuse in Kazakhstan and each year over 400 women are murdered due to domestic violence.

Alcoholism, drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, abortion and single-parent homes are increasing at an alarming rate.

Who We Are

Caring Heart / J127 Ranch is a registered public fund in Taraz, Kazakhstan that exists because these are not just statistics to us. Those we walk beside have names, faces and stories. Each life is a gift, and each day is an opportunity to help change a life.

We are breaking the cycle of abuse, neglect and dependency by:

  • Providing a safe, loving place to heal and grow.

  • Teaching life skills and offering regular emotional support.

  • Serving nutritious meals and snacks.

  • Meeting the developmental and emotional needs of children whose lives have been impacted by trauma and instability.

  • Providing a stimulating and fun environment to foster a love for learning.

  • Teaching staff to be “trauma informed” caregivers.

  • Providing aid in the form of clothing, food, document support, advocacy and medical evaluations.

Join with us as we impact their lives, and watch, as the ripple effect transforms a community!

Impact of COVID-19

Caring Heart / J127 Ranch has been greatly affected by COVID-19 in that the grant that covered 20% of our annual budget wasn’t approved because of the global crisis. This has left a significant deficit and has impacted our ability to not only maintain our current level of services, it will reduce meeting needs after the crisis.

At full capacity, we are providing for over 80 people a day, with over half being children. Through employment, we are impacting 37 families, and the person working for us is typically the only one employed in the household.

The 10 women we employ through our sewing project are on quarantine with their children and have no income. We are providing regular food packets during this time and hope to be able to provide work at home soon so that they can begin preparing felted crafts for the Christmas season.

The psychological stress and instability is devastating – adding new trauma and stress on women and children already struggling with past trauma.

We need your help more than ever.

To ensure we can continue serving the mothers and children we have in our care and continue providing food and supplies to those who come to our door desperately seeking help, we are seeking to raise $50,000 in donations.

Help us nourish children like Nursultan into a thriving life!

$25 will provide food for a day for the 29 children and 15 employees we serve daily during the quarantine.

$50 will allow us to feed a family of 3 for a month – we have nearly 15 families to feed who cannot come to work and countless more who cannot come to our ranch for services while in quarantine.

$125 will secure salary for our employees who are not able to come to work and produce while in quarantine.

$250 will provide full-time employment for our staff working with children and mothers.