Social Entrepreneurism

Single mothers, and those with disabilities, often struggle finding employment.  Many lack marketable skills, or cannot find jobs which will work with their childcare needs or their disability. For many mothers, just providing for their daily needs is difficult.
One of the goals of Caring Heart Public Fund is to provide training, employment and to produce items that can be sold so that the profits can be put back into the needs of the fund.

Currently we have several sewing / felting Masters who are teaching women felting and sewing skills.  Felting is a traditional art form of taking wool and turning it into fabric for carpets, wall hangings, slippers, souvenirs and other textiles.

While the women are teaching skills, they are able to spend time talking about life issues that keep women in a cycle of poverty.  The social worker also helps identify life goals and assists each woman in working towards building a better life for themselves.

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