What We Do

  • About Us

    Caring Heart is a registered public fund in Taraz, Kazakhstan. The purpose of the fund is to provide assistance to orphans, single mothers, children with disabilities and those disadvantaged.

  • Our Philosophy

    The family infrastructure is one of the leading indicators of the health of a community. A community that is growing and thriving is a community where families are intact, work together to build a good life, care for one another and their children and seek to contribute to the betterment of the society.

  • Our Mission

    “To build a community where all ENGAGE with one another in ENRICHING ways so all will be EMPOWERED to be who each were uniquely created to be.”

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Make a Difference. Make a Donation.

We are seeking those who will partner with us financially. Whether it is a one-time gift, monthly support, or help with a specific need or project, all donations further the work being done.


Orphan Statistics

The Kazakh statistics are staggering. Fewer than 10% of the children leaving the orphanages will ever build a life for themselves and 1/3 of them will die within the first five years.